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Additional Funding Opportunities

Grant Help & Information

There are multiple grant opportunities available for creatives and organizations. Here is an outline of the available funding sources as well as some helpful advice about how to apply and obtain more information.

Other grants and sources of funding

Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints that will assist you in researching and preparing for grant applications:


• Some applications are very detailed, be prepared to invest some time.


• Have background information ready such as one or two years of audited financial statements, a list of your Board of Directors, documents confirming your charitable or not-for-profit status, resolution from your Board, etc.


• Read the guidelines for each grant to determine eligibility and application deadlines.


• Have a draft outline of your project with a detailed budget, goals, objectives, why your project is important, what you hope to accomplish, how will you measure success.


• Partnerships and collaborative efforts can be most helpful.


• Determine how the grant funders will assess your application.


• If a grant is currently not accepting applications, make a note to return to that website for updates.


• Look for key words and priorities in the grant guidelines.


• Contact the funder and discuss your proposed project before completing the application.


• Determine the right grant for your project OR be creative and develop your project so it will fit the grant opportunity.


• Be prepared to provide banking information, liability insurance certificate and to enter into a legal contract once the grant has been approved.


• If your grant is approved, adhere to the details in your application, especially with respect to the budget items, and maintain adequate financial records for reporting purposes.


• Be prepared for some type of publicity requirements to publicly announce your grant approval.


• Be prepared to submit a final report when your project is completed so keep good files with photos, media coverage, etc.


• Make sure the person who will handle the grant application is familiar with websites and a variety of computer programs.


• Develop a timeline and work backwards from the deadline date. Allow sufficient time to develop your proposal, research the grants, review the guidelines, speak with the grants advisor, draft the application, have someone else proofread your draft application, include the attachments as required and finally, submit your application.


• Grants are very competitive! Only 25% to 35% of grant applications are successful. Keep trying if you are not successful and be sure to follow up and find out the reasons why your application was not approved so you can make a stronger application the next time.


• Grants normally require some level of financial contribution from the applicant organization which can vary from grant to grant however most grants are for 50% of eligible project costs.

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